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The City of Aspen | Aspen, CO

Weekend getaway to Colorado was much needed. Arrived in Denver Airport and took a 4 hour drive into the town of Aspen. Luckily it was not snowing. Imagine winding through mountain elevations of 10,000 feet and roaming along the icy Colorado River. If you have never driven through the 70E freeway towards Vail, you should try it some day. The road is refreshing, nestled between two mountain crests with a top and bottom transit system. Almost wish I had the M and gone 0 to 60 in seconds. Nonetheless, it was great to be in a small town for a change from the big city life. The people were nice and friendly. The food was excellent. The vintage and the new could be seen. There is a hotel called Hotel Jerome that dates back to the early 1900s. I felt like I was in a remake of the film, ‘The Shining’. Not to forget, the December snow and Christmas night lights. Thanks Aspen for your hospitality.