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121212, the last of the triple numbering. Happy December! Whats not to love about this month. Its the month of my birthday and Christmas. So the new website is coming along amazingly. It is simple and elegant. Im very happy with how it is coming along. Ive decided to add new photos on there instead. Its about 80% done. If you are interested in booking, I have more photos available for you to see on my Ipad portfolio. I hope to set a website launch by January 2013. This current blog will have a different url and flow seamlessly with the new website. Im looking forward to showcasing this to everyone.

2012 recap – This year has been a fantastic journey of traveling twice overseas and continuing to establish my business into the wedding world. From cruising the waters of the Aegean Sea/Mediterranean to hiking 13k feet up the Peruvian mtns to Macchu Picchu. I saw some breathtaking views that will last me a lifetime of memories. But nonetheless, the reality of being an entrepreneur is a great feeling. It is something I have always wanted to do as a business major turned registered nurse. It is the only way to separate myself from corporate domination. I like being my own boss. Im incredibly blessed to have met new people in the photography industry that I will be collaborating with in the future. It is an exciting time. I know it will just as grand in 2013.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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